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is to report. not investigate. >> sentencing for this one count took place immediately after the verdict. the judge sentenced her to 100 hours of community service. she will talk about the duties and responsibilities of reporting suspected child abuse. the jury stressed the former principal had dedicated herself to children and said she did not get training and support she needed from the district but they said what this came down to was following the law and following her common sense which she did not. thank you. >> we have breaking news in oakland now. sky 7 overhead on international boulevard. paramedics came to the aid of
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a child who was hit by a car. >> paramedic kbz seen putting the child on a stretcher and taking him away to be treated. we did see the child raise his arm so that is an encouraging sign. >> we hope that child is going to be okay. police just arrested a suspect and are looking for another police say she the suspected the people in the car were armed. the car crashed a short time later and one suspect was caught. this investigation is ongoing we'll keep you updated on the items tonight. >> turning our attention to politics now, president barack obama and former massachusetts governor mitt romney making a last push on the final day of camp yaining for president. abc 7 news mark math use joins
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us from chicago. just outside mccormick place, this is where president obama will be tomorrow night today he and his republican rival were in the all-important swing states. president obama kicked things off before a fired up crowd of 18,000. >> you know that i'll fight for you and families as hard as i know how. you know that will happen. >> he's traveling with bruce springsteen all day. >> besides wisconsin the president hitting ohio, finishing in iowa. the last day included stops in florida, ohio and virginia.
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romney will finish up with kid rock in a large rally in new hampshire. the president will watching from here in chicago. security won't let us near it. we can't show you the hall being prepared for tomorrow night. we can tell you big donors are gathering tonight at gibbs yonz. one is san franciscoin gwyneth vitello. who met ob yaum during the first campaign. >> i wanted to be part of it. i mean, i figure i started off with him. i wanted to finish it. >> i still want to be here and support him regardless. i want to be around like
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minded people. >> coming up at 6:00 chaempks from four years ago? well, there are fewer people headed to election night party less enthusiasm from here in his hometown. we'll have that for you coming up at 6:00. >> almost half of the california eligible voters mail in ballots these days. officials say about a third of the votes already cast a ballot. those who held onto it can still drop off the ballot at the polling place just don't mail it it this point. it's too late for that. so it is too late. if you want to get it in by
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mail fcht you have trouble voting you can report problems to abc 7 news election night hot line. that number is poflted on our web site. >> california political practices politician accusing a arizona group of campaign money laundering. the state supreme court issued a rare weekend ruling ordering the nonprofit to disclose who is behind an $11 million contribution to support prop 32. the groups are not required to release their individual donor list. the states could find the pack or persue criminal charges. >> some of california heavy weights in san francisco trying to drum up support at
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the last minute for prop 30. this is a live look at the rally at the embarcadero. governor jerry brown is there today former labor secretary headlined a yes on prop 30 rally at uc berkeley. here is abc 7 news analyst melinda jackson. >> usually you probably proposition tends to fail. a key will be young voters. don't vote in larnl numbers so we'll have to see. stay with abc 7 news tomorrow night. you can get realtime results, the moment polls close at 8:00,
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at and through twitter. of course abc news and abc 7 news will be working around the clock tomorrow. at 3:00 p.m. including live reports at 3:30 it's world news with diane sawyer. now, at 8:00 we'll be local you can get bay area results when we hit the air then, then abc news national coverage returns for prime time election at 8:30. then, we'll be back locally for a wrap up on abc 7 news at 11:00. it's a big night. >> for those of you who haven't voted, records were set around the bay take a look at san francisco bay. with a a beautiful shot from our camera. how hot did it get?
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>> sandhya rosa, 84 today, oakland 84 degrees. 79 at sfo. redwood city 84 degrees. let's take a look at month ofett field that is its high. it was 84 today, 90 in gilroy. this is a all time record tie for month of november. salinas airport hard to believe. 96 degrees not only shattering records but also set an all time record for the month of november. now will the weather hang around for voting tomorrow? find out in just a few minutes. i'm tell you about dramatic changes coming up.
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>> investigators looking for witnesses in an attempted child abduction in west menlo park asaturday morning. police say a 5-year-old boy playing in front of his house was approach bid a woman driving an older light blue minivan. anyone with more information is asked to call the sheriff's office. >> talking about something they do not need another storm taking shape above east coast tonight. just days after hurricane sandy hit. sandy killed 113 people. right now nearly 1 plt 5 million people were out power. the storm did estimated $50 bill yj in damage. insurance companies say only $10 billion to $20 billion will be covered. new jersey governor looking to some pop stars to help with recovery efforts.
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governor christie saying quote my girls are big fans. will you help us spread the word? >> disney helped kick off a day of giving with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. you can help those hard hit. samsung matching your contributions today up to $3 million. you can help by texting abc to 90999 to get $10 or any amount to the efforts. you can also call or go online. abc 7 news joins us in san francisco with a look at the bay area efforts to help. there is an emergency station, 320 of them from the red
5:11 pm
cross. six from the bay area. one thing they need is blankets. >> seems like a small thing but blanket s provide a lot of comfort. we're sending more, another 80,000 blankets in advance of the nor easter we're expecting this week. is this is called a comfort kit. comfort for people following a disaster. >> that is more than we were going to tell you. there is also cleaning supplies and comfort in the form of micky mouse. children going through trauma. let us give you, take a look again at this text, where you can text and call. you can give any amount from $10 and on up.
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or go to their web site. you can help our friends on the east coast. >> it s it's critical ask easy to do. >> we have a lot more ahead coming up. anything goes mentality may no longer go in san francisco. >> there is now a shift over the city's one time tolerance of public nudity. >> a city that could silence leaf kblors for good.
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here is a live picture.
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sky 7 captured heavy lifting today at the construction site of the new 49ers stadium. big chunks put into place today. it's coming along and faced a lot of controversy over the location and funding for it. it's on schedule at this point. >> san francisco lawmakers proved -- moved closer to banning public nudity. a supervisor encouraged a full board for that proposal saying there are too many naked guys in his district. >> a san francisco supervisor's meeting unlike any other. a hearing on a prose poseal to ban public nudity. it is aimed at so called nicked -- naked guy who's have been letting it all hang out just about every day at a
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plaza in the castro. >> we're born this way. this is a true expression of self. >> supervisor scott weiner believes enough is enough. >> that doesn't mean anyone can do anything they want any wrrx at any time. there are some basic standards for our public spaces.. >> weiner proposing a nudity ban with exceptions for parades, fans and festivals. >> and... idea that the body is obscene is learned behavior i believe makes it a form of bigot ti. >> it's apalling behavior keeping not just me, but many residents from the area. >> nudists like gypsy see it as a civil rights issue. she was detained, given
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clothes back and escorted out of city hall. >> my view if it's good enough for castro it's good enough for city hall. my constituents have to deal with it every day. you better believe nudists are tracking this measure going to the full board for a vote this month. >> wow. >> well, sandy has been called a super storm and hurricane. difference may in the mean much to us here in california. >> for homeowners it's huge. >> we're talking a lot of money here. difference could be tens of thousands of dollars for people filing claims. that is because of the way many ensureance policies are written. the deductible for storm damage is just $1,000 that increases significantly in a hurricane to 1% to 5% of the
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value of the home. sandy started out as a hurricane but before hitting land, sandy had been down graded to a super storm. governors say insurance companies should treat it as a storm. residents are dealing with another issue. state attorneys general investigating 400 possible cases of price gouging. new york law bans spiking for basic goods. among items seeing huge increases a bag of potatoes jumped from $3 before the storm to $7 a box of matches more than tril tripeled to so. and a loaf of braefd doubled to $7.
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>> sand yoo patel keeping an eye on wernl. unbelievable. >> we hard records today. >> a record setting day. tomorrow, voting in favor of warm weather? what are you voting or not we're bringing it to you. 84 degrees in san jose. previous record 82 degrees. lake tahoe, sunshine. snow coming to the mountains beginning thursday. let's check out live doppler 7. clear skies. it has been a warm to hot afternoon. 88 in santa cruz. 82 in napa.
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the record for the day 90s in gilroy. temperatures now warm. 70s and 8s showing up. warm again tomorrow, and here is election day planner. we're looking at upper 50s to upper 60s. low 70s at the coast. upper 70s to low 80s elsewhere. 7:00 p.m. low 60s there. tomorrow morning heading out of the door most areas into low 50s to low 60s so comfortable and under clear skies. much colder weather by week's end. a cold system crops down from
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the gulf of alaska. changes first start tomorrow in the evening cooling beginning in the evening. fog returns to the coast. sea intreez back. temperatures dropping but not tomorrow. tomorrow still going to be warm. on the peninsula it's going to be a warm day. mountain view expected to hit 80 degrees. 78 san mateo. 75 n the coast. beautiful warm day in the sunset district. north bay communities 81 santa rosa. unusually warm again, inland. low 80s. it's beach weather in november how many people can say that? areas could set records. accu-weather forecast dry for election day. cooler webs.
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chance of showers friday. looking at frosty cold mornings over the weekend. temperatures dropping from tomorrow to saturday 20 degrees coast and inland. that is a taste of winter coming your way. >> big changes. >> wild weather. >> still to come a bay area firefighter's first day on the john -- job and a very special delivery. >> coming up, new individual yof a weekend rescue two of children from a cap sized boat. and yeses -- questions about
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firefighter in northern
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california had a story to tell after his first day on the job. he delivered a baby during his first day at work. there was only time too call 911. anthony arrived just 10 minutes before a healthy seven pound baby girl entered the world. >> that is the luck of the draw. you never know. >> got everything set up ask it happened. >> what a gratifying first day. he did have a personal experience, he became a father just six weeks ago. his daughter was delivered in a hospital by a doctor. >> different stress level there's. >> man may say yes city council wants to regulate noisy leaf blowers. to stepping up enforcement. a complete ban is the most expensive option with extra workers needed to hand rake
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parks. right now they're banned on sundays and holidays. having to be bus -- used at low speeds the rft of the time. >> if you're a fan of space you're going to like this. >> there is an alert that the next t
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coming up a missing cross found along a roadway. tonight the tip to abc 7 news helping solve this disappearance. michael finney will be back. he takes a trip to paris explaining how you can too. there he is in paris. >> those tl is more coming up at 6:00. >> checking night sky for shooting stars can be randy. >> yes. finding international space station can be an adventure. >> so easy. >> for more information on how to find

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